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How to make Spaghetti Ice Cream


Created in Mannheim, Germany, by an Italian, "Spaghettieis" has been a German specialty since the 1960s. Press Vanilla Ice Cream through our Potato Ricer and  create "noodles", Strawberry Sauce looks like tomato sauce and Coconut or White  Chocolate shavings play the Parmesan cheese roll.
A delicious sundae the whole Family will enjoy.


Serves 4


Prep Time: 20 minutes

• Strawberry Sauce
• 1 cup  whipping cream
• 4 cups softened vanilla ice cream
• 2-3 T. white chocolate shavings or coconut shreds


If you can, place plates or sundae cups and the ricer in the freezer until serving time (at least 1 hour)
Place ice cream in the refrigerator about 10-15 minutes before serving, if it is frozen solid.
Prepare Strawberry Sauce and chill.


Whip the cold whipping cream until soft peaks form.
Place about 1/8 cup of whipped cream (or desired amount) in each plate or sundae cup.
Scoop about one cup of ice cream into  the potato ricer . Holding the ricer over the sundae plate, squeeze the ice cream through the holes and swirl it onto the plate, over the whipped cream. Repeat for the other plates.
Pour strawberry sauce over each ice cream "noodle" creation and sprinkle with shaved, white chocolate or coconut flakes.
Serve immediately.

Serves 4


 •The whipped cream freezes a little under the ice cream and makes a crackly crust which some people really like, but you can omit the whipped cream if you wish.

•You may use bottled strawberry sauce.

•If you want to add  "meatballs" , use homemade truffles or malted milk balls.

•Experiment which ice cream brand works best for you, some brands are are creamier than others.

How to make Spaghetti Ice Cream dessert

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