Gowe® Different Shapes Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker

  • Instruction:. Insert two scoops of ice cream in the stainless container and push the button. The machine will press the ice cream that will come out in the shape of spaghetti or noodle. If the container it is not proper inserted the top light will be red and the machine will not start (safety device).
  • This professional device is very helpful in increasing the sale of ice cream. It is fun and you get icecream in a shape of spaghetti. Children love it, and so do adults. It is an accessory that gives something more to your ice cream shop, it is also elegant. You can serve this particular dessert in your restaurant or for the customer of your hotel. The machine is easy washable and the ice cream container is stainless. The piston is easy to be removed for a proper clean.
  • Also for use  at home.
Carina Spaghetti Ice Machine Carina Spaghetti Ice Machine

Carina Spaghetti Ice Machine $1499.99.


  • Can be used for either Spaghetti Ice Cream or Spaghetti Gelato production.
  • A new way to display your desserts!
  • Also Known As: Spaghettieis
  • Attract the attention of children with this new form of displaying ice-cream!


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